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The first step to is to THINK differently and take more actions to living a fit life. "The more we see fitness as normal, the more it happens, naturally."


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Physical Training

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Proteins / Carbohydrates / Fats
Macronutrients / Micronutrients
Meat / No Meat / Veganism
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Rest & Recovery

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Lunch Cooler Bag

Lunch Cooler Bag

Reusable Carry Bag

Reusable Carry Bag

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Normal To Be Fit Team

Tina Chandler


Tina Chandler is a 4X-Ms Olympia Bodybuilding Competitor, Elite Trainer, Coach, and Mentor who has spent her lifetime helping others gain control of their bodies and lives through health and fitness.

Carl Ducena


Carl Ducena is an Actor, Producer, and a Motivational Speaker who is also passionate and very proactive in helping to improve the quality of lives in this world through this message.

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