Our Introduction:

Hello, I am Tina Chandler, an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder (once ranked 8th in the world), and I have spent my whole life helping others transform and gain control of their bodies and lives through health and fitness.  Through my journey as a bodybuilding competitor, I realized a new ‘normal’ way (to think), hence, the creation or Normal To Be Fit™ !!!!  I have been using this saying for more than 10 years with my clients and students and found it to be extremely effective in transforming the way they think about their life in general regarding their health and wellness.  Once they started to look at fitness as ‘normal’,  they became more consistent at their eating, exercising, and overall ability to plan and stick to their plan!  This concept got reinforced the longer they stuck to their fit program.  They felt stronger, happier, more vital, less stress, ambitious, driven, energized, more generous, loving, giving, and over all more complete, the longer they stayed with their plan and their new way of life – the Normal To Be Fit™ Life !!!!  Working out and eating better are harder to do when your mind is thinking the whole time that you ‘shouldnt’ have to be doing it’! When we see it as a NORMAL part of life, we don’t fight it as much !!!!

My husband, Carl Ducena, is an actor, producer, motivational speaker,  and co-founder of Normal To Be Fit™.  He has been instrumental in helping me get the word out about Normal To Be Fit™ and its powerful message to the rest of the world!

We invite you to join us on our journey to empower others to become healthier and more fit to the extent that everyone realizes that it IS Normal To Be Fit™.  Can you imagine a world where everyone Accepts a certain practice for a healthier body…? Just as everyone has accepted to brush their teeth every day?  This is just like that and it takes each one of us spreading the word TOGETHER !!!!  Thank you and we look forward to the future we are all building together !!!!